D’you wanna go faster, Baby?

I can’t drive.

All my friends learned when we were seventeen but I didn’t want to. So I didn’t.

Now things have changed. Now I have kids and feel I need the freedom that driving brings. Plus it will make everything so much easier if I can drive myself to the supermarket to do the big weekly shop without having to rely on Caius being available if nothing else.

I got my provisional license last year but never got round to lessons. I have the DVD for learning all the theory and everything but apart from a couple of turns on it out of curiosity never really sat down to learn it.

Then Caius added me onto the car insurance as a learner. And I sort of forgot all about learning.

Then, suddenly I have a Theory test booked for next month and the other night Caius took me to a car park (of the almost totally deserted variety) and let me loose in Felix (our car).

I did lots and lots and lots (and lots) of figures of eight very, very slowly. Then I did a few more only very slowly.

We were there for almost an hour and in that hour I didn’t hit anything, I reversed, I worked out vaguely where the other side of the car was by driving through a puddle deliberately, I made it up to 15mph (, did a teeny tiny hill start (it wasn’t much of a hill – it was a tiny slope between levels of tarmac), overtook a stationary lorry without scraping along it, survived being near another moving vehicle without dying of terror and accidentally did my first wheelspin.

Overall I came away feeling a little bit more confident that maybe I can do this without killing anyone or scaring myself to death.

Now all I have to do is learn all the theory stuff sufficiently to pass that test… in a couple of weeks time. I need to start using that DVD…


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