No More Pretending

It’s my birthday today – yay for me!

It’s a bit of a weird one this time – I’m 25.

Which means I have officially fallen out of the 18-24 age category and can no longer write that down and let my brain con myself into thinking I’m stil 19.

It means I have to admit to being a proper grown up person.

I’m not entirely sure I’m capable of this.

I might just reject it in all but number and continue being 19-21 which is what my head usually tells me I am.

(Me last Sunday – no chance of growing up just yet!)

One thought on “No More Pretending

  1. I turn 26 in July, and in no way have I grown up or consider myself as a grown up person. 25 is great fun, because you’re old enough to know better but do it anyway. Happy birthday!

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