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Great Blogger’s Bake Off Week #5 – Summer Biscuit Tower

20130922-182911.jpgThis week I very nearly didn’t make the deadline. Life took over and suddenly it was Sunday and I hadn’t touched a baking tray.

Not only that but it was a Sunday where I needed to take Tori to a birthday party therefore couldn’t spend the day pottering about the kitchen.

Cue a bit of a rushed idea and a resulting very short biscuit tower! The weather this weekend has been a bit of a fling back to Summer with the lovely sunshine and warmth in the air so I felt inspired to do a Summery sort of bake.

In my head I was going to make a garden shed of biscuits. What resulted was actually a pile of chocolate biscuits and some flower shaped cookies, vaguely stuck together with strawberry icing.

I was pleased with one thing though – for the first time ever I tried to produce coloured biscuits and actually got coloured biscuits in my results!

Hooray for gel food colouring!!

I used an incredibly basic biscuit recipe and just added food colouring to two batches and a bit of hot chocolate powder to another to make the different colours (I have run out of cocoa it would seem…)

I raided Tori’s cookie cutter collection to make the flower shapes and was very chuffed with how well the tulip turned out in the two colours.

The ‘tower’ is nowhere near the 30cm specification but it’s as tall as my brain could cope with after two hours of about 20 cherryade fueled four year olds on a bouncy castle…

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6 thoughts on “Great Blogger’s Bake Off Week #5 – Summer Biscuit Tower

  1. I love the flower cookies & the way that you made them different colours. I always have visions but they are usually just a bit adventurous!
    thanks for joining in


  2. i think your mutli coloured flower biscuts look amazing! well done on getting them so well made after your day!!! thanks for linking up x


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