Quotes of the Week

Quotes of the Week

Tori is playing with her cousin, Riley…

Tori: He’s a very funny chap!


Tori: We live a very long way away.

Nannan: Oh? How far?

Tori: At the end of the road.


Arthur is playing on the iPad and is very excited about play the Cars game…

Arthur: I’m excitinged. Caius, you excitinged? Mummy, you excitinged?



3 thoughts on “Quotes of the Week

  1. Hee hee making up words is the best skill in the world and Arthur is clearly a pro :D!

  2. They have no concept of time and space do they? Ha ha whenever Aaron did something earlier it is ALWAYS last night or yesterday. He doesn’t know how to say last month or last week, or earlier.
    I also love the “chap” ah bless!
    Recording these moments are so precious.
    Thanks so much for linking up and for commenting xx

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