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Mike The Knight: A Very Knightly Christmas (DVD Review)

Tori and Arthur are still Mike the Knight fans – they regularly run around waving imaginary swords and shouting to Sparkie and Squirt as they go, so they were very pleased to be able to review the latest Mike the Knight DVD once more.

The new DVD from HIT Entertainment is called Mike The Knight: A Very Knightly Christmas and it features six new fun festive episodes.

There’s everything the Smalls love about Mike the Knight but with added snow, Santa and presents! Their excitement when Mike was trying to help Santa deliver all the presents in Glendragon was impossible to miss as they bounced up and down on the sofa waving at the TV and telling me to ‘Look! Look, Mummy!’

As in all Mike the Knight episodes, the Christmas editions have gentle morals and lessons about friendship, honesty and discovery which are delivered in easy-to-understand ways without feeling pushy or forced.

I particularly liked one episode where Mike realised that the Vikings had feelings too and their every move wasn’t to cause havoc in Glendragon but sometimes they just wanted to have fun like anyone else – building snowmen and juggling with snowballs. After ruining their fun by assuming the worst, Mike makes it his mission to right the situation and help the Vikings have fun in the snow once more. Sharing the peace and joy of Christmas between the usually opposing sides.

There are lots of fun extras, such as a sing-along theme tune which add to the watching experience.

The DVD also comes with a bonus disc Mike’s Hidden Treasures containing six more standard episodes – including one of Tori’s favourites which we have had to watch on repeat a couple of times!

This DVD has played a fun part in our Christmas build-up, great for putting on whilst the Smalls are colouring in Christmas decorations and the like.

Mike The Night: A Very Knightly Christmas runs for about 144 minutes has an RRP of £12.99 and is available at all good retailers and is currently just £3 on Amazon – perfect for any Knight in Training!

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We were kindly sent a check disk copy of Mike The Knight: A Very Knightly Christmas in return for an honest review. No other payment was offered or received and all opinions are our own.

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