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30 Day Film Challenge: Day 23

Your Favourite Horror Film

The film I’ve picked for this can actually also be counted as a comedy but I tell you now – the first time I saw Gremlinsit was almost all horror (topped up with epic adorable-ness).

I still get something new from Gremlins every time I watch it and I understand the comedy now (because I’m no longer about six. Yeah, sorry Mum – definitely saw this one wayyy before I got the 15 years on the advisory sticker. I blame Andy – not because I’m sure it was his fault I saw it, just because if it’s anyone’s fault it will be his when it comes to Gremlins 😉 )

I love it so much I once had a pair of guinea pigs called Gizmo and Spike after the two main Gremlins.

Spike is at the back, Gizmo in front.
Spike is at the back, Gizmo in front.

It might be turning 30 years old come December but Gremlins is still a brilliant film – scary AND funny (and cute)

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