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Pretty Please? #1 – Onesie Wishlist

There are so many funny and adorable onesies out there that I have seen in shops and on my friends’ Facebook/Twitter/Instagram feeds that I have got a fair wish list building up. The dark evenings at the moment mean snuggling up in a onesie is highly appealing – I already have two (a cow and a wolf) so I keep telling myself I’m not allowed to buy anymore – but a girl can dream, right?

bambiI love this official Disney Bambi Onesie from George at Asda. Sooo cute!

191337987677_1This Care Bear onesie from Primark is AMAZING. I think it is about £25 but I can’t find an actual price online.

5054240701772Another George at Asda one, I love how warm and snuggly this one looks. Perfect for chilly winter evenings on the sofa with a book.

001417196Another snowflake one – but the bright red of this John Lewis onesie makes it feel really Christmassy and the detail of the snowflake is gorgeous! I’d love to have this one to wear on Christmas day and Boxing day.

SD_02_T37_9878_T4_X_EC_1Marks and Sparks are on to a real winner here with their Tatty Teddy Onesie – I have been a Tatty Teddy fan for years so this really appeals to my inner teddy bear 😉

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