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July Target List

I’m not feeling overly great about July at the moment. Maybe it’s because June ended on such a high and now I’m on the crash side. Maybe it’s because the Summer Holidays are approaching and, unlike the rest of the world, I find this very daunting rather than exciting – who knows? But it is…… Continue reading July Target List

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Pretty Please? #9 – Nail Art

I go through phases with painting my nails – I love it when they are all pretty and lovely but I hate actually doing it. I’m getting better, but it still sometimes looks like Tori did my nails for me – I’m just clumsy and wobble a lot. I’m also REALLY BAD at sitting still…… Continue reading Pretty Please? #9 – Nail Art

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Pretty Please? #8 – Ear Candy

I went through a phase of not wearing earrings over the last few months but since Christmas I have got back into the habit and after having a clear out of all my old, now slightly yucky, teenage earring stock I am on the lookout for some new ear candy! These fox earrings from Claire’s…… Continue reading Pretty Please? #8 – Ear Candy

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Pretty Please? #7 – Shooooes!

I am not the girliest girl in the world but even so, I still succumb to shoe lust on occasion. Annoyingly, I have stupidly shaped feet that can’t decide what size they are and are very wide so loads of gorgeous shoes either simply won’t fit on my feet or else crush/rub me to death…… Continue reading Pretty Please? #7 – Shooooes!

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Pretty Please? #6 – Joe Browns

I have a bit of a ‘thing’ for Joe Browns clothes. I’m not a huge fan of their price tags but I always keep an eye on their sales and sometimes treat myself when I’m feeling flush. Here’s a few things on my current Joe Browns wish list: I LOVE this jacket. It has come…… Continue reading Pretty Please? #6 – Joe Browns

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Pretty Please? #4 – Christmas Clothes Wishlist

This time next week we will be drowning in a flood of wrapping paper, chocolate and paper crowns that don’t actually fit anyone, but right now I’m getting myself in the Christmas spirit with a bit of festive window shopping. I always wear a dress at Christmas – I’m not sure when it became a…… Continue reading Pretty Please? #4 – Christmas Clothes Wishlist

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Pretty Please? #2 – Leggings Wishlist

Everywhere I go, I see people wearing really cool leggings but whenever I go to buy them I can only find rubbish ones or plain black/brown/blue ones. I have a single pair of slightly jazzy leggings but they’re still mostly just black and white – I have serious legging lust. I love these floral leggings…… Continue reading Pretty Please? #2 – Leggings Wishlist

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Pretty Please? #1 – Onesie Wishlist

There are so many funny and adorable onesies out there that I have seen in shops and on my friends’ Facebook/Twitter/Instagram feeds that I have got a fair wish list building up. The dark evenings at the moment mean snuggling up in a onesie is highly appealing – I already have two (a cow and…… Continue reading Pretty Please? #1 – Onesie Wishlist

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I just want something *nice* to wear!

I am pregnant. I generally enjoy this experience despite its downsides such as instantaeneously throwing up when your other half brings fish and chips home as a special treat (That upset me, I love fish and chips). I do however have one major bugbear – the clothes. I don’t know why, but through both of…… Continue reading I just want something *nice* to wear!