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Pretty Please? #7 – Shooooes!

I am not the girliest girl in the world but even so, I still succumb to shoe lust on occasion. Annoyingly, I have stupidly shaped feet that can’t decide what size they are and are very wide so loads of gorgeous shoes either simply won’t fit on my feet or else crush/rub me to death if I try to wear them. I have fat calves, too, if my inability to wear most tall boots I try on is anything to judge by (including wellies…) It is all horribly frustrating. Doesn’t stop me window shopping though. (Click the images for links to the product pages.) image1xlI have a bit of a thing for chunky shoes and I am a little bit in love with these. I love that they are both super-shiny and have the pattern at the back, I love that the soles are platformed so that even though they are heeled you won’t feel like you are walking on tiptoe all day. I want these pretty bad. newbootsI love these. Gorgeous leather, able to be casual or smart, work with pretty much anything, sensible sole and heel. In fact, I love them so much I may have bought them on Monday… they were in the Winter sale and everything. Sometimes window shopping just isn’t enough 😉 26105416_A_pSomewhere between a brogue and a trainer, I really like the colour of these and the fact that you could dress them up or down depending on what you were doing. I love that they are subtly girly with the little touch of pink – very pretty. 11821614There had to be Doc Marten’s on here somewhere. They’re just so cool, I have permanent lust for them. I really like the design on these one but I’m not really fussy to be honest – the boots themselves are cool whatever the flavour! image1xlThese are just so pretty – somehow delicate without having a stupid thin heel (I don’t get on so well with those…) and they look comfy enough to wear for a whole night without any worries. Nike-Air-Zoom-Elite-7-Womens-Running-Shoe-654444_501_A_PREMI seem to be developing a taste for stupidly bright trainers. The latest pair I bought were leopard print and my plain black pair have shockingly bright red laces in them…

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