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Pretty Please? #6 – Joe Browns

I have a bit of a ‘thing’ for Joe Browns clothes. I’m not a huge fan of their price tags but I always keep an eye on their sales and sometimes treat myself when I’m feeling flush.

Here’s a few things on my current Joe Browns wish list:

LJ202AI LOVE this jacket. It has come to my attention recently that I am lacking a coat that bridges the smart/casual gap. One that looks nice on a night out but is still practical and warm – this one looks like it fits the bill perfectly.

51zjsHsWhvL._SX342_There are many things I love about this dress – the colours, the style, the shape. It is bright without being garish and is just the right amount of stand-outy for me. At time of writing it is in the January sale at £44.95 which is another plus point!

Joe-Browns-Creative-Cowl-Neck-Tunic~63J193FRSPThis is just the right balance of plain and pretty that could be dressed up or down depending on where you were going. I really like the colours on this one and, again, at time of writing it is in the sale at £22.95.

711DpaQulIL._UX385_This is a bit bolder than dresses I normally pick but there is just something about it that makes me want it. That purple sash is such a contrast to the rest of the dress, it just makes me think of summer and parties. (This is also in the sale at £27.95)

Funky-Button-Mary-Jane-Shoes-by-Joe-Browns~45G208FRSPThese are just plain gorgeous. I have serious shoe lust – so very pretty. (And in the sale at £27.95… so tempting!)



5 thoughts on “Pretty Please? #6 – Joe Browns

  1. Hi Carole,

    Thanks for the awesome blog piece! We’re really chuffed you love our clothes as much as we do!
    Just thought we’d drop you a note, firstly to say thanks! and secondly to let you know that the 50s Style Garden Party Dress you love is now reduced even further as it’s our Deal of the Week!
    It’s now £14.95:

    Thanks again and take care Carole! Joe 🙂


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