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July Target List

I’m not feeling overly great about July at the moment. Maybe it’s because June ended on such a high and now I’m on the crash side. Maybe it’s because the Summer Holidays are approaching and, unlike the rest of the world, I find this very daunting rather than exciting – who knows? But it is what it is and I need to work with what I have.

With this in mind I am putting together a few little aims to try and meet, no pressure, to try to get me through the month. Sometimes goals can help.

If you follow me on Instagram you will have already seen my summer goals regarding my fashion and beauty aims:

   (And you have also now seen how shocking my handwriting is…)
Along with this, which I hope is going to help me feel better about my appearance day to day, I also want to try and use my BlendActive at least once a day – I struggle to eat fruit and I struggle to drink enough, I figure doing this will combine the two in a tasty way. Two birds, one stone. Also I love my BlendActive and using it makes me smile.

I am taking the pressure off myself to blog for the month as well – I’m not going to abandon it but I’m only going to post if I really feel like doing it. It has started to feel like a chore and I have wound myself up about not getting reviews done for books yet even though I haven’t read the books!

With that in mind I am going to try and ignore the pressure to review the books and just take the time this month to read the books. Really read them, and enjoy them. No deadlines or pressure involved. The reviews can wait until my head is in a better place.

That neatly brings me on to my reading list for the month of July. On my list for this month I have Timebomb which I started last month but didn’t finish, The Hunter’s Kind which I am super excited about, The Iron Queen which I have wanted to read for ages but keep putting off for review books and maybe also Raising Steam because it has been on my shelf for ages.

I will doubtless read some books with Tori as well, but I will let her choose those as we go along 🙂

We are hopefully going to use our newly acquired tent to go on some adventures in the holidays as well so that is something to look forward to – and a hopefully more hotel based break too at some point.

Fingers crossed I keep myself both busy and relaxed for the month and finish it feeling better than I have started it!


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