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Pretty Please? #3 – Bento Wishlist

I love making fun lunches for the kids and even just ‘boring’ bento lunches are fun when you serve then in funky boxes and things. I could probably spend hundreds of pounds on bits and bobs if I had the spare cash, cupboard space and an understanding boyfriend (instead of the latter, I have one who rolls his eyes every time I take a photo of a frog shaped sandwich – he just doesn’t understand the appeal :p )

Luxury-Silicone-Fruit-and-Veg-Cups-for-bento-boxes-from-Eats-Amazing-UKI love these adorable silicone cups in the shape of fruit and vegetables from Grace Hall’s Eats Amazing shop – I am particularly taken by the pea pod.

Panda-Bento-Food-Picks-Set-from-Eats-Amazing-UKAnother set of cuties from the Eats Amazing shop – who doesn’t love pandas? I just love how sticking a cute pick into something brightens up a lunch box too – it doesn’t take any artistic skills or imagination, just jab a grape with a panda pick and hey presto! Lunch is awesome.

21Xh4vEJkzLThis Laptop Lunch Kit is great because it comes with everything you need all in one – the insulated carry bag with plenty of space, the bento box itself which has leakproof sections (great for yoghurt or wet pasta dishes), a little sauce pot (for your salad dressing or cheese dip etc) and a stainless steel fork and spoon set. At time of writing, this kit is reduced to £24.39 on Amazon.

51ZgPJJPmSL._SL1093_Who doesn’t want a lunch box that looks like a Lego brick? These are just so awesome, I’m not sure how much longer I can go without giving in and getting one.

indexThe internet has an endless amount of ideas but sometimes I can’t get to the internet, so I’d love a copy of Wendy Thorpe Copley’s Everyday Bento book so I can dip in for ideas when I’m in need of inspiration.

417ba1vziwL._SX425_There aren’t words for how much I want this set of cutters – they are so cute. The squirrel is amazing and I love that the rabbit and lion are winking. These would make some seriously cute and happy lunches.

41amEGEMc1LEdible ink pens are brilliant for adding little details to your food – drawing a face on a sandwich you’ve cut out or adding detail to an iced cake. I only have one black and one dark green pen – I’d love this full set of colours to have a bit more scope.

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