Dear Santa…

Dear Santa,

I have done my very best to be good this year and with that in mind I would just like to put in a couple of requests for things I would like for Christmas tomorrow. I’m not greedy, and I understand you might not be able to give me everything on my list but just one or two things would be lovely. If it’s just one, please might I suggest item number four – I think I want that one the most.

1) A My Little Pony/Doctor Who Cross Over T-Shirt.


Ever since I discovered these exist, I have felt incomplete without one.

2) A four bedroom house with a purpose built library and a treehouse in the garden.

3) The Complete Battlestar Galactica DVD Box Set.

4) A Pembroke Welsh Corgi.

Cardigan Welsh Corgi5) A Mitsubishi Shogun Sport in silver with personalised number plates (J888CHH is available and suits me nicely…)

Thank you in advance, your drink and snack are beside the log burner as usual with Rudolph’s carrot.

Lots of love,

Carole Heidi


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