Learning To Drive

Carole Finds Her Wheels #4

Well, that was a relief! I was a little apprehensive going into today’s lesson after yesterday’s nervousness and a night of not much sleep thanks to Arthur and yet it went just fine.

I remembered how to steer, I remembered how to change gear, I remembered to indicate using the indicator stick instead of the gearstick and I didn’t hit any kerbs or hedges.

For the first time, there were brief moments where I wasn’t concentrating entirely on what my feet were doing and they did what they were supposed to all by themselves. I am just about getting the hang of making them work independently of each other.

One of my aims for the lesson was to improve my stopping at junctions – I tended to brake too heavily and stop too soon yesterday – and I just about cracked that. I’m learning to be less stabby with the brake and remembering to use my clutch.

Half way through the lesson, my instructor decided I was going well enough to venture to the other side of town. This was mildly terrifying even though the other side of town is literally three minutes down the road – I might not know my way around too well, but I did know that getting there was going to involve going down a hill and a selection of mini roundabouts.

I have decided going down hills is scary. I think this stems from my terror of doing it on a push bike but I just kind of expect to end up going at 500mph and for it to all end in doom. I am hoping this feeling goes away soon.

I also hate roundabouts. I didn’t do much driving on the road when I went out with Caius back in 2013 but one of the main things I remember is thinking I was going to die on a roundabout because I couldn’t pull off without stalling and there were cross people behind me and lorries and traffic and stuff and AAAAAARGH!!!!

Obviously little mini roundabouts in town at 1030 in the morning are less terrifying but I still had a bit of a panic as soon as there was someone behind me. I’m not sure why but it just totally freaked me out and I had a little stalling fit. We are going to practise that a bit more tomorrow to try and get me out of the total terror of roundabouts.

Also apparently tomorrow is going to involve learning to three-point-turn. Fun times.

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