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Carole Finds Her Wheels #3

Yesterday’s driving lesson felt a bit ropey. I’m not sure why but I was a lot less at ease and found everything a bit of a struggle.

I found it a bit hard to judge where I was and my steering suffered – I was just clinging to the steering wheel for dear life and forgot to move my hands around properly.

This meant that I was a little all over the place at times – I drove up two different kerbs after misjudging things which just made me go from slightly nervous to actually sweating with fear.

I also had a moment of complete blankness where in trying to remember where everything was I attempted ti indicate left by pushing the gearstick left. In case you are wondering, using your gearstick to signal doesn’t work. Likewise, turning on the windscreen wipers doesn’t make your indicators work either…

That threw me off completely and I forgot how to do everything for about five minutes.

I stalled a fair few times again – still struggling to get my feet to do what they’re supposed to. I need to remember to put more gas on when I’m trying to pull out and to go back into first gear when I stop at a junction.

I have another lesson later today and I’m not looking forward to it – Arthur had a bad night so I’m pretty tired which I can’t imagine is going to help my already confused brain. I have downed half a bottle of Coke in the hope of a caffeine hit – sometimes I wish I drank coffee.

5 thoughts on “Carole Finds Her Wheels #3

  1. Reminds me so much of my driving lessons – hideous! Don’t worry keep at it, I passed (eventually) it’ll all be worth it in the end and you won’t look back (until you read or know of someone else going through it)!!
    Good look for this afternoon 🙂


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