Learning To Drive

Carole Finds Her Wheels #7

Monday’s Lesson: Today we started doing manoeuvres (that is a stupid word to spell…) and I had a go at three point turns. Mostly went fine although I kept forgetting what order to do things in with regards to looking in mirrors and getting in gear. Got there in the end but not until after I scraped the bumper of the Mini along a kerb *wince*

Next up was reversing in a straight line. Just about managed that once I worked out how to look backwards and not turn the steering wheel at the same time.

Then I had a bit of a go at hill starting which was easier than not driving into kerbs once I’d remembered I was driving the Mini and not Chaos.

Went through the different types of pedestrian crossings and then drove through town past the selection we have here to put stuff into practise.

Fairly sure the words ‘Emergency Stop’ were mentioned in regards to what’s happening tomorrow. Erk.

Drove the car home after dropping the kids at school today (we went the long way) – didn’t stall the car at any point and just about worked out which car I was driving before we made it home in regards to the clutch and whatnot. Didn’t hit the bin when I pulled onto the drive either – yay!

Today’s lesson: The good news is – it was too wet and slippy to do an Emergency Stop.

Other than that. Um. This was probably my most terrifying lesson so far. Considering we just drove round town doing junctions and roundabouts (and a 3 point turn) it really shouldn’t have been but I just kept fluffing stuff and had an oversteer/understeer fail on a junction with a car parked on it that involved my instructor having to grab the wheel to stop me sideswiping the other car (oops.)

Plus there was lots of turning off at the bottom of hills and I still haven’t quite got to grips with not being utterly terrifyed of hills. Panic panic panic argh!

And I had a left/right blank out and almost turned the wrong way and got it all horribly wrong and ended up on the wrong side the road at one point and just wanted to get out and cry. But I carried on and it sort of got better after that.

Another wobbly day but at the end of the lesson my instructor seemed to think that there was ‘nothing particularly scary about anything’ so maybe it only felt awful to me. Probably.

More tomorrow. *gulp*


2 thoughts on “Carole Finds Her Wheels #7

  1. Oversteer/Understeer was probably from driving two totally different cars, I still make that mistake when I go from driving the estate to ‘the run around car’ that feels like driving around in a lunch box in comparison.
    Sounds like you’ve come a long way, you should be proud. Good luck tomoz 🙂


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