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Carole’s Book Alphabet ~ ‘W’ is for…

cbaWWhere The Wild Things Are’

There can’t be many people who aren’t familiar with this picture book. It is a total classic.

Such a simple story of wistful fantasy and fun, Where The Wild Things Are is a daydream I’m sure we all had as children in one form or another.

I have been jealous of Max’s wolf suit for many years until I managed to get myself a wolf onesie last year and settled my irritation. I’ll be honest, it was probably that suit that made me love the book so much – more than anything else. (I can’t find a photo of me wearing mine without me drinking wine in it…)

1546351_610596350507_2140877308_nI love the fact that it doesn’t have words on every page – the pictures do the talking and this is great for letting kids take over the story telling and encouraging their imagination. The pictures are rich and detailed with lots to point out and talk about, giving the story depth and adding to the characters.

I loved that this was on my set text list at uni because it made me pick it back up as a grown up and look at it with fresh eyes. I enjoy sharing this with my kids now and hope that one day they’ll enjoy sharing it with theirs, too 🙂

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