Learning To Drive

Carole Finds Her Wheels #9


Monday. Usually my Monday lessons are a bit of a disaster but today was good. Nothing drastic or scary happened and I mostly remembered what to do with my feet and when. Had to go round a couple of junctions twice because I am still a bit twitchy on hills which can make my driving a bit jerky and erratic.

Tuesday. Today I did my reverse round a corner manoeuvre – something I can apparently do dead easy. Emergency stops and reversing round corners were things I was really nervous about and turned out to be things I could do straight off. Typical!

Mostly this lesson involved meeting all of the idiots in town who cut corners on junctions (and end up driving up pavements to avoid piling into other cars), overtake at red traffic lights – why??! – and people who stop and wave you through then get annoyed at you because they have to wait for you even if you go at a normal speed.

At the end of today’s lesson my instructor said that once I’ve done the last couple of manoeuvres tomorrow (parking, yay…) we can start doing double length lessons in Whitchurch to start preparing for my test. Erk!

Wednesday. Parallel parking is not as hard as I expected but also managed to get me super confused a couple of times. Got there in the end though. I have one more hour lesson booked to go through my manoeuvres again and then it’s all the double ones. They are all penciled in now, just leaves the whole booking of the test thing to go. Then maybe I can stop having nightmares and my hair can stop falling out. Maybe.

Private Practise:

I’ve driven most days recently, even if it has just been to the shop and back, so I’m getting a bit more confident. Apart from on Sunday where I randomly freaked myself out and ended up crying. I still keep managing to stall on roundabouts and I am still incapable of parking on our drive without randomly doing an emergency stop but I am mostly feeling better about it all. Mostly.

Driving back from Wem in the dark was probably the most stressful driving I’ve done in a while. I stalled on a roundabout (again. No surprises there.) but managed to sort myself out without freaking out too much about the lorry sat behind me.

Caius says I’m doing well which I’m just taking on trust because I feel like I’m awful.


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