Think Bike

Cars and motorcycles scare me.

They are an every day part of life and they are a lifeline. They bring joy and make everything more convenient.

And sometimes they kill people.

My brother rides a motorcycle and it is beautiful. It is shiny and lives up to its name of ‘Rolling Thunder’ – you know when he has pulled up on your drive to visit you.

I love it but in the same breath I hate it.

Every time there is a report of a local motorcycle accident I find myself holding my breath until details are released and I know for sure it’s not him.

That happened yesterday. I breathed a sigh of relief when reports got detailed enough to say it was ‘a man in his twenties’ – my brother is older than that.

Then I found out I knew the rider from school.

And he didn’t make it.

Immediately I felt a little guilty at my initial ‘happiness’ at the news details. And I felt sad.

I didn’t know him well but he was always nice to me and we saw each other almost every day for several years. We hadn’t stayed in touch but I knew how he was doing through mutual friends on Facebook and it is strange thinking that he’s just gone.

One news report later and a person has flickered out of life.

I have no idea what happened beyond there were two cars and his bike involved and I’m not going to start ranting about bad drivers or dangerous riders.

Just everyone, please, drive carefully, think bike, and get home safely. 


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