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Arthur’s Four Favourite Books Aged Four and a Quarter

Arthur loves his books – he loves that he gets to pick a book out of his pre-school library every day and bring it home and is always excited when we visit the library in town – but he very definitely has his favourites that we have read over and over and over again.

Hairy Maclary by Lynley Dodd

These used to be my favourite books too – I can recite the first two in the series off the top of my head – and I love sharing them all with Arthur now. I also love that there are still new ones for us to discover together and new characters to meet and fall in love with. Schnitzel Von Krumm is still my favourite though…


Penguin by Polly Dunbar

We have both the book and DVD of this very simple story about a young boy who gets a penguin as a present and the subsequent friendship that they form. Eventually.

Arthur already loved this story but then he did a mini project on it at preschool and it became his new favourite thing ever, ever, ever! I love how animated he gets as he tells me all about the story and the characters – he is even starting to spot and point out words on the page as well which he is often reluctant to do in other books.

Some Dogs Do by Jez Alborough

Another one that we randomly have on DVD as well – narrated by Kevin Whately no less! – and is also in the preschool library choice. Despite having our own copy, Arthur regularly insists on bringing the school one home to read as well.

This whimsical story about love, happiness and flying dogs touches gently on the subject of bullying and thinking about how your words and actions can make other people feel in a way that is just right for Arthur’s age group. And you can never go wrong with flying dogs.


Thomas Comes To Breakfast by The Rev. W. Awdry

I could have listed any number of Thomas books here but I seem to have read this one the most often recently. It still tickles me every time that when Thomas crashes through the wall of the Station Master’s house, the initial response from the SM’s wife is: “You miserable engine! Just look what you’ve done to our breakfast! Now I shall have to cook some more!

I’m fairly certain that wouldn’t be my first selection of words if a train turned up at my dining table via the window and wall!!

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