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June 2015 Reading Recap

I had a very ambitious list for June and I didn’t quite make it, but I had a good go!

In June I read:

Read With Tori:

Charge Of The Three-Horned Monster (Dinosaur Cove Cretaceous #2) by Rex Stone, 5/5*: Good old Triceratops – lots of adventure in this story as the boys return to Dino World to explore even further.

March Of The Armoured Beasts (Dinosaur Cove Cretaceous #3) by Rex Stone, 4/5*: Possibly my least favourite of the series thus far, but still a great book. Tori enjoyed this one and I have caught her re-enacting the story with her toys since we finished it.

Flight Of The Winged Serpent (Dinosaur Cove Cretaceous #4) by Rex Stone, 5/5*: The series is back on form with this one! Really enjoyed the story and it had a quite few laugh out loud moments which are a delight to share at bedtime. Mostly I love how reading this series is teaching Tori all the dinosaur names – she can just casually drop Ankylosaurus and Quetzalcoatlus into conversation now and it is awesome.

Read Alone:

I’ll Give You The Sun by Jandy Nelson, 5/5*: This book was brilliant but bizarre. It was like reading an abstract painting – it took a while to come around to the style but then suddenly you found yourself totally sucked in and unable to put it down. A story of love and how it can make you or break you, the different types of love there are – between siblings, parents, girls and boys, boys and boys, forbidden love, love that paints the sky with colours and love that tears you to pieces. I’m pretty sure my mum would hate it because of the style but then I thought I would too and I adored it. Well worth all the hype that preceded it.

The Gospel Of Loki by Joanne M. Harris, 5/5*: This was the House of Blog Book Club read and it was BRILLIANT! I will review it properly soon! (I suck at doing things on time atm…)

This brings me up to 29 out of 60 completed books (yes, I upped my goal a bit) – still on track but I need to keep going!

I did abandon a book this month – Vicious Cycle by Katie Ashley – I was really looking forward to this one but it was a lot of hard work for not much reward and I gave up pretty quickly. Maybe I was too hasty but I don’t think I will be picking it back up.

I have also started reading Timebomb by Scott K. Andrews which is really good and I am mid-way through listening to Zaria Fierce and The Secret of Gloomwood Forest by Keira Gillet which is an interesting adventure.


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