Share In The Freedom I Feel When I Fly

Today I attended the funeral of my friend, Timmy. It was beautiful and there were many moments of laughter as well as sorrow.

The title of this blog post are John Denver lyrics from one of the songs Tim had chosen himself to be played, The Eagle and The Hawk. It’s a beautiful, simple song and I just wanted to share that, and the following poem which was inspired by Tim’s attitude to life and was read at the funeral. They are wonderful words to live by and exactly what Timmy always did.

Live life how it’s meant to be lived,

To the fullest of your potential.

Regret nothing, live happily, live fully.

Have adventures, take risks,

For we live once and only once.

Accomplish much, be ambitious,

For a mind once opened never closes,

Take advantage of this and fly away –

You were born to live, not simply exist.

In Memory Of

Tim Anderson

5/3/1988 – 21/08/2015

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