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My September Project with Coats Craft UK – Getting Better

Shortly after posting my first post about my knitting adventure with Coats Craft UK, I completely undid all of my wonky project and started over.

As proud as I was of my first attempt, it was wonky and a bit scruffy, so I decided to start again as I had got into the rhythm a bit more and thought I could do better.

A much better start and I hadn’t lost or gained any stitches. It seemed more even too which is always a good thing.

I know I am only doing the most basic knit stitch (which I think is known as garter stitch) but I am enjoying myself now I have found a rhythm. Now I have done a bit more and have a decent sized piece of work, it really feels like I have achieved something at the same time as sitting and watching Ashes To Ashes on an evening. (Yes, I have only just got round to watching it. Yes, I’m behind the times.)


I am totally in love with the Rowan Yarns Big Wool too – it is perfect for scarves and snoods. Chunky and comforting and rich in colour. The more I use it, the more I love it!

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