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Max The Flying Sausage Dog: Book Two ~ Children’s Book Review

Max the Flying Sausage Dog: Book 2 – Tails From The Pound by John O’Driscoll & Richard Kelley max2

Illustrated by: Arthur Robins

Series: Max the Flying Sausage Dog (Volume 2)

Published: Words In The Works LLC, 2015

Edition: Paperback

Print Length: 50 pages

Narrated By: N/A

Genre: Children’s Fiction, Picture Book

Where Did I Get It? I kindly received a copy from the publisher in return for this review.

Blurb: What happens when Max is snatched back to the pound? What happens when his young owner, Tom, dreams up a daring plan to rescue him? What happens when Tom is joined by they most unexpected accomplice? What happens when the pound manager and a “policeman” named Brendan step right in it? What happens, Dear Reader, is told between these pages. Look inside and hold on to your hat for Max The Flying Sausage Dog’s next high-flying adventure.

Opening Line(s):

Tom was trying hard to be patient. He really was.

My Review: Yay! Max is back!

Tori & Arthur were very pleased to discover that their favourite flying sausage dog, Max, has returned in another adventure with his young owner, Tom.

In this instalment, the nasty pound owner returns with a dodgy looking policeman and takes Max back off Tom, claiming that Max’s original owners had been found and they wanted him back. Tom doesn’t believe him and, after an amusing dream involving fig rolls and corgis, hatches a plan to get him back. The only problem is, this plan involves skipping school and taking the tube alone.

Luckily he finds help from a surprising place and Tom’s plan to save Max turns out to be an even bigger adventure than he expected.

This story had all of us chuckling out loud, especially in the dream chapter and there were some very loud snorts of laughter as the pound manager and his accomplice met their comeuppance. Tails From The Pound left us all with smiles on our faces – just like the first book did.

This series is funny and feel-good, great for young readers who are just getting confident at reading alone and brilliant to share together at story time. Arthur Robins’ characteristic illustrations bring the story to life – I just love the way he draws Max – such a funny, friendly looking sausage dog.

My Rating: 4/5*




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