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Max The Flying Sausage Dog Colouring Book Review

Things that are popular in our family include: 1) Max The Flying Sausage Dog and 2) Colouring Books

What happened at Christmas? This!



Reluctantly, I have agreed to share this one with the Smalls because they love Max possibly more than I do (but only because there’s two of them added together!)

The format of the book is brilliant – starting out with a cute, funny short story, The Christmas Tail, with big illustrations for you to colour and then the rest of the book features illustrations from all the other Max stories to colour plus pages for you to doodle in your own pictures of your favourite Max moments!

I love that by the end we will have a Max book that is totally personal to us – illustrated by Arthur Robins and coloured by Tori, Arthur and Me!

There is someone else in our family that has a bit of a soft spot for good old Max, and that’s my Mum. So for Christmas we wrapped up a copy of The Christmas Tail Colouring Book for her (in very appropriate sausage dog wrapping paper!) and I really should have taken a photo of the grin on her face when she unwrapped it!

Max brought happiness to all ages in our family this Christmas and we have shared our love of him with our extended family too by introducing them to the picture book series for younger readers. Full of character, full of fun and now interactive too – I’m half expecting Max himself to whizz in through a window one of these days if I happen to be cooking sausages some time!

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Max The Flying Sausage Dog: The Christmas Tail Colouring Book is available to buy here

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I received two copies of The Christmas Tail in return for this review. No other payment was recieved and all opinions are honest and unbiased.

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