A Rant About Facebook

I love Facebook, I do. But just sometimes it annoys me beyond measure – and not just when people have your/you’re/their/there/they’re issues.

Typing ‘amen’ under a photo won’t cure anyone’s cancer, nor will it prove my faith or Christianity to anyone.

Hitting like on a photo doesn’t prove my acceptance of Downs Syndrome or homosexuals or Muslims or anything else. Nor does it cure cancer.

Sharing a badly photoshopped image also doesn’t prove that I’m not racist or homophobic or anything else. It just fills everyone’s feed with crap.

I look at my Facebook to catch up with friends and family, see how they’re doing, nosey through their pictures, chat about ‘stuff’ – I don’t need to prove that I support the gay community by liking a photo of a rainbow and sharing it on my wall for everyone to see. If I have something to say on the topic I will just say it, liking/sharing a photo just seems to scream ‘Look at me! Look at how accepting I’m being! I am awesome!’

Ditto writing ‘amen’ or whatever under a photo of a clearly sick child. That’s not going to help, it’s not making a difference. I could say a prayer in private and ask for support and that’s fine – but publicly shouting AMEN! at a photo that, for all I know, has been found on Google search by somebody at random, just seems odd. I don’t say ‘amen’ randomly when I am told somebody is sick or I see someone in need – I do something about it if I can or I wish them well or say a prayer for them in my head. That way I’m not making it about myself in any way, nor am I shoving the whole event in other people’s faces. Plus saying ‘amen’ in those situations and under those photos doesn’t make any sense! Amen means ‘so be it’ – This boy has incurable brain cancer. Don’t scroll past without saying ‘so be it!’ – It doesn’t make sense, does it? Why not ‘without saying a prayer’? Still a bit random and pushy but at least it makes vague sense.

Give to charity, live your life in an open minded way, be kind to people, support and accept people, lend a hand and a heart where needed – that’s how you show support, not by liking or commenting on random Facebook photographs that you don’t know the origins of.

And as for sharing photos and videos of animal and human abuse with ‘share this so the sick b*stards don’t get away with it’ – don’t even go there. I don’t need or want to see it and I certainly don’t want to share it. Grant them internet fame for being cruel and evil? No.

Give money to charities, volunteer, do something that actually makes a difference – don’t just hit share and call them scum. It fills Facebook with negativity and does nothing to help anyone.

Right, I’m going to go away now and calm down in a corner. Rant over.



(Edit: I’m linking up to the #JustAnotherLinky in case anyone wants to join in the ranty-rage fun 😉 )

3 thoughts on “A Rant About Facebook

  1. I absolutely agree! It drives me mad when that’s all I see on my Facebook timeline because as you said, liking or commenting on a random photo doesn’t do any good! It doesn’t change things. It’s like people think ‘I’ll like this photo and that will be my good deed for today’ instead of actually going and making a difference! Sorry I’m joining in on the rant here!

    Jess xx


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