Run, Rabbit, Run!

2016 has begun and resolutions doomed to fail are being flung around left right and centre.

I only have three for this year – my reading target of 36 (which I will talk more about tomorrow), to knit a Sky Blanket and to run 36 miles in total.

36 miles is nothing really. 3 miles a month. Barely anything at all in fact.

Except I don’t run. With the exception of the local brewery Christmas 5km fun run in December that I inflict upon myself every year for some odd reason that I haven’t quite figured out yet.

So 36 miles at a pace faster than walking. Zombies, Run! is going to get me through it, I have no doubt. Some of it is going to be outdoors and some of it will be on the cross trainer and treadmill in the gym. I’m not expecting myself to make some kind of routine and learn to love pounding the streets, I fully expect that I will utterly forget sometimes and end up having to do mad catch up weeks.

But hey, miracles can happen. You never know.


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