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February Reading List 2016

Despite reading more than my planned 3 books last month, I am still only putting 3 titles on my February TBR pile. I’d rather trash my total than fail to get there!

The three books I have pulled off my shelf for this month are:

Bloody English History: Leeds by Richard Smyth Yes, that’s a non-fiction book I’ve picked up voluntarily. See, it does happen sometimes! I like a good ghost story and gruesome murder tale as much as the next person and with my family being of Leeds heritage, this title caught my eye in a January sale and found its way onto my TBR shelf.

Let It Snow by John Green, Maureen Johnson & Lauren Myracle – This is one of the books I bought with my Christmas gift card. I love Maureen Johnson’s books and quite enjoy John Green and it has a shiny cover – I’m quite looking forward to this one.

Frankenstein by Mary Shelley – This is my chosen classic for the month, partly because I’ve always wanted to read it and partly because I’ve just booked tickets for my Mum and I to watch a Live Screening of the Royal Ballet’s production of it in May and I feel like I should have read the book before I go. (As does Mum – the book will be going to her house once I finish!)

What’s on your TBR pile for February?


6 thoughts on “February Reading List 2016

  1. These all sound like good reads. I haven’t read Frankenstein either – I’m not very good at reading the classics! I’ve got a few books lined up, so I’m not sure what I will be reading next, although it will probably be Blood on Snow by Jo Nesbo, once I’ve finished Disclaimer.


    1. I am making an effort to read at least one Classic a month this year because I haven’t read many at all. I find them quite hard work so balancing them out with easy-read YA seems to be the way to go!

      I have heard lots of good things about Disclaimer – is it living up to the hype?


  2. I really want to get into reading some classics, I saw a book challenge for the year the other day and it was all about stepping out of your comfort zone, reading books you wouldn’t necessarily pick up ordinarily. Think sometimes we end up pleasantly surprised #ReadWithMe


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