366 Project 2016, Week 5

31/366 Full English Breakfast at church then back to my parents’ for a while – it’s been ages since there was a nice photo of Caius and I. It took a few attempts but we got this one in the end!

32/366 After a quick lesson with Mum yesterday, I restarted my Sky Blanket square for the week and it’s looking much better already!  

33/366 Bought myself a jigsaw. It’s impossible. (It’s not, it’s just hard which was exactly what I wanted so I can’t really moan 😝)  

34/366 I love these stand-and-stuff soft tortilla things. Or ‘boats’ as they have become known in our house. They are great for a quick, tasty dinner that we all like. 

35/366 Caius and I enjoyed a game of Jitters tonight – I used to play it all the time as a kid and it’s holding up well… Aside from the timer needing poking every now and then when it gets stuck. 

36/366 Poor Arthur has been complaining of earache for a few days and the last couple of nights have been sleepless for him (and me). Tonight he passed out in a sad little heap at English Folkfan’s house whilst the rest of us had an epic Uno tournament. 

37/366 Tori and I headed to the library this morning to join in the celebrations for National Libraries Day. Tori dressed as the main character from the book we’re currently reading – Lauren from My Secret Unicorn with her pony/unicorn Twilight. 


3 thoughts on “366 Project 2016, Week 5

  1. That’s a lovely photo of the both of you 🙂 Yay for your blanket square. Did you get it finished? Bless him, hope his ear is much better now. Tori looks so happy to be there, huge smile!


  2. Libraries are a great resource, we were never out of ours when the children were young. Oh dear at the sleepless nights, but love how he has crashed on the floor.
    Glad you have your blanket sorted, well done mum on the help.


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