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BUCKYBALL by Fabien Roy ~ Book Review

BUCKYBALL (Second Edition) by Fabien Roy buckyball

Illustrated by: N/A

Series: N/A

Published: January 2016

Edition: Kindle

Print Length: 128 pages

Narrated By: N/A

Genre: Science Fiction, Time Travel Fiction, Mystery

Where Did I Get It? I kindly received a copy from the author in return for this review.

Blurb: James Pesola tells the story of how one night of partying in South Beach with his best friend changed his life forever. Listening to a specific song always transports him back to the same time and place which happens to be the Miamillennium nightclub in Miami. These flashback moments are called lifeturns and James claims to have lived over one hundred and seventy-one of them, some lasting between 13 and 26 years.

Opening Line(s):

I woke up after all. Even after losing sleep over it.

My Review: Buckyball is such an awesome book title – it immediately made me want to read it (after I had finished reminiscing about making a model Buckyball in chemistry at school, of course).

I wasn’t sure about the book at first, the opening chapter had me a bit baffled but was interesting enough to keep me turning the pages. It didn’t take long for me to get sucked in to the story of James and his friends as they experience the fascinating (and terrifying) after-effects of taking a new type of ecstasy called ‘Buckyball’.

I described this book to a friend as ‘trippy’ when I was about half way through and that still stands as an accurate description – for a fair while you aren’t sure whether the gang’s trips back in time are real or just a figment of their doped-up imaginations. The story is told in the first person so you only know what James knows and for a while he isn’t sure if it is all real or not either!

All does become clear as the story unfolds and the pacing is brilliant – it could so easily have become slow and boring or repetitive but it never does. In fact as the story goes on a sense of foreboding and fear begins to build as you read, cleverly controlled through the narrative.

I really enjoyed Buckyball – it was quite different to anything I have read before and a really clever idea. It was easy to read yet left me thinking quite a lot about how I might have reacted if I had been in the characters’ shoes and found myself repeatedly flashing back to the same point in time.

My Rating: 4/5*




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