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Ice and a Slice? My Top Three Gins

Today, according to the wisdom that is The Internet, is GIN DAY!

Yay gin!

I wasn’t a big fan of gin for a long time. Amusingly, it was after Tori was born that I got a taste for it – maybe there is something in the nickname of ‘Mother’s Ruin’ after all!

Now it is one of my favourite tipples although I do drink it with lemonade rather than the stereotypical tonic because tonic is yucky and ruins everything.

I am happy with Gordon’s but whilst it hits the craving for the every day occasion, it doesn’t make my Top Three Gins list.

Coming in at number three is Ophir Oriental Spiced Gin (or ‘Elephant Gin’ if you are talking to me or my mother). I like this because it has more about it than normal gin – it is citrussy and delicately spiced and is particularly nice with lots of ice and a wedge of lemon. I bought it as a present for my Mum one year just because it had a pretty bottle and it has become a favourite ever since.

Second is Brecon Botanicals Gin which is the one I try and keep in the house most – I got bought a bottle as a Christmas present once and haven’t looked back since. (In fact, I gave my Mum a bottle for her birthday this year – I am sensing a theme with my Mum and gin…) It is SO SMOOTH compared to Gordon’s and most other gins I have had. I love this for how light it is and how easily it goes down.

In first place is Warner Edwards Distillery Victoria’s Rhubarb Gin which I discovered in my local pub and fell hopelessly in love with. It is a perfect summer drink with lemonade and a slice of lime. Fruity, just the right balance of sweet and sharp with that warming gin kick. Perfection.


And now I insist that you go and locate some gin, your favourite mixer and a glass and make a toast to Gin Day. Cheers!

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