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YA Sampler Reactions: Volume 2

Prescient by Derek Murphy (Urban Epics, Paperback RRP £9.13)

Blurb: My friends think seeing the future is a gift. I could get the answers to any test or win the lottery. But they don’t understand. There is no future. Not one they’d want to live in anyway.

Bodies rotting to nothing in the streets. Humans on the brink of survival. The wilderness eating away at what used to be my hometown. A shadow organization rounding up children. Bands of warring tribes. And let’s not forget the modifieds – the zombie-like remains of what used to be the human race. All I care about now is how to stop it from happening.

The only thing is, the more time I spend in the future, the less I want to erase it. Saving the world might break my heart… I’d be erasing a face, a smile, that I never want to forget.

The fourth sampler I have read from my YALC stash and easily my favourite so far. Immediately engaging and intriguing, I clicked with the main character straight away and I was incredibly disappointed when I ran out of book. Like, said, ‘Goddamnit, I need more!’ out loud kind of disappointed.

The fact that the future Alicia jumped forward to wasn’t a million years away and the fact that it was such a terrifying mess was alarmingly believable and a great twist. Genetic modification of food going horribly wrong is a simple theory and not one that hasn’t crossed my mind before so I’m curious to read this take on it.

This sampler is a section of Part One of a dystopian time-travel story based on the Oracle of Delphi and I must confess that it was so good that I might have just bought the Kindle version on Amazon whilst going over there to get a link for the end of this blog post. Ooops.

It is a very reasonable 99p currently and I am very much looking forward to reading the rest of it.

Buy yourself a copy here: Prescient by Derek Murphy

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