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Tidbit Tuesday – The Dragon’s Eye


“Have they taken anything valuable?” exclaimed Beatrice as we stood staring at the sight of Dr. Drake dismally surveying the wreckage.

“Yes,” said Dr. Drake. “I’m afraid to say that they have taken the most valuable thing I owned. My dragon diary is missing!”

– Chapter XV

The Dragon’s Eye (The Dragonology Chronicles Volume I) by Dugald A. Steer, Illustrated by Douglas Carrell

After the worldwide success of Dragonology comes The Dragon’s Eye, the first in a series of four unmissable Dragonology Chronicles written by Dugald Steer.

In 1892, when their parents are unacountably detained in India, Beatrice and Daniel Cook go to stay with Dr Ernest Drake. There they begin to learn dragonology but soon a series of events plunges them into an adventure involving Dr Drake’s arch-enemy Ignatius Crook, who has determined that he alone shall become Dragon Master and head of the Secret and Ancient Society of Dragonologists. The hunt for the Dragon’s Eye is on!

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