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What’s On The Menu? 29th January – 4th February

I was ill this week so i’m quite impressed that I mostly stuck to the meal plan. The Paella was fab and made plenty of leftovers for Caius and I to have for lunch during the week.

The bread and spaghetti tarts were brilliant and I will definitely be making them again. Easy and fun, I enjoyed both making and eating those!


Accidentally made the enchiladas a bit spicy for The Smalls this week. They did eat them but they definitely had runny noses and watery eyes by the end. Oops!

On to this week:

Monday Gammon Steaks with Pea Mash and Carrots

Simple, fairly quick and tasty.  Easy winner!

Tuesday – Pasta & Bean Soup with Bread

I may be pushing the boundaries by actually trying to make The Smalls eat soup here, but it’s a nice chunky one and they ate stew so… (Recipe is from My Daddy Cooks – I bet you’re sick of hearing about that book by now, but it really is ace!)

Wednesday – Homemade Burgers with chips & salad

We haven’t had burgers in ages, and shop-bought ones are always disappointing, so home made it is!

Thursday – Sticky Baked Salmon with Sesame Noodles

Guess what book this one is out of…? Yup. My Daddy Cooks again! This is one of my favourites but I’ve never tried it on the kids before. They like salmon now though so I don’t see why they won’t like it…

Friday – All Day Breakfast

Special request from Tori – who am I to refuse? Any excuse for bacon and hash browns, I might even do fried bread!


Cheese, potato, onion and more cheese. Hello Saturday comfort food! Recipe is from you know where…

Sunday – Pasta Bake

Easy, filling dinner that will incorporate whatever veggies and bits we have left in the fridge and send the kids to bed happy.

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