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Top 5 Friday!

Well, aside from my Mum taking a punt, not one other person had a go at answering the January quiz question at the end of my last post. So well done Mum – you win the round with 1/2 a point!

The question was: January is only directly mentioned in two Shakespeare plays – what are they?

And the answer?  The Winter’s Tale (‘You’d be so lean, that blasts of January would blow you through and through.‘) and Much Ado About Nothing (‘No, not till a hot January.’)

This week I’m taking inspiration from the music I have been listening to and bringing you my TOP 5 CARRIE UNDERWOOD SONGS!

Over the last few years I have discovered that I actually really, really love country music. From the rocky-edged stuff, through the ballads and right out to the crazy cheesy poppy side, I like it all.

And Carrie Underwood is one of my favourite artists, she has a great voice, she’s gorgeous, she’s sassy and I love her music. It is regularly my soundtrack of choice to belt out when I’m on my own in the car or doing chores in the kitchen. Choosing a Top 5 has actually been quite hard but here we go!

5. Two Black Cadillacs


4. Temporary Home

3. Before He Cheats

2. Cowboy Casanova

1. Blown Away


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