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What’s On The Menu? 5th – 11th February

The Pasta & Bean Soup was a winner – it was very thick and almost stew-like and we all really enjoyed it. I will definitely be making it again, especially as it is a one-pan wonder. They’re my favourite type of meal.

Making my own burgers just reminded me how disappointing frozen burgers truly are. I’ll have to make them again soon now I’ve remembered how easy it is.

The salmon dish got eaten with no complaints too – they even ate the vegetables without giving me the ‘what is this?!’ look. Yay!

On to this week:

Monday Sweet Pork & Green Bean Stir Fry

We haven’t had stir fry in a while and noodles are always a winner.

Tuesday – Tandoori Chicken with Naan Bread, Rice and Peas

I have a lovely recipe for a not-too-hot Tandoori marinade that works well with chicken. So I’m going to mix it up in the morning, leave the chicken to marinade in the fridge during the day so it will be perfect by the time it comes to cook it for dinner. Yum.

Wednesday – Pesto Pasta & Vegetables

Easy favourite dish for after swimming lessons.

Thursday – Fishcakes & Chips

Tesco had some nice looking fishcakes on offer this week so we are having those with oven chips and probably peas or sweetcorn.

Friday – Someone else is cooking!


SaturdayAnd again!!

Double yay!!

Sunday – Freezer Lucky Dip

Probably beige. Who knows, there’s plenty in there to keep us going though!

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