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Read The Bible In 90 Days

So, I have joined in with a reading challenge on my To-Do list app, Habitica, to read the Bible in 90 days.

The Bible is pretty long, but someone has worked out that reading about 13 pages a day will get you through it in 90 days.

Part of the ‘reading plan’

It’s a long time since I read it last – I was probably about 14 and I didn’t understand a lot of it, skim read vast swathes of it and most likely skipped bits. I feel like maybe it’s time I gave it another go.

First up, I had to pick a Bible.


I have four different versions – The Good News Bible, The New English Bible (the green one), The Street Bible and The New King James Version (the pretty one) – all of which I have received as gifts over the years.

I have dipped into all of them, done readings in church from them all – and even used three of them in my GCSE coursework studying the different language used to tell the same stories in each.

I decided to pick up The Good News version, but I may well switch between all four as I go along. Mostly because I can, but also because that language difference that I studied still fascinates me and excites me.

I also started a shiny new notebook and dug out my Children’s Guide To The Bible because writing things down helps me both remember them and work things out. And also there are some big words and ideas in the Bible and a little help figuring them out is always welcome, even when you’re almost 30.


Will I make it to the end? I will let you know in May!

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