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My March 2018 TBR

First up, as it’s March the first I need to wish my littlest monster a very happy 7th birthday. I swear he grows another half inch every time I look at him and I’m super proud of him, even if he does drive me up the wall at least once a day – thankfully he makes up for it with cuddles and making me laugh and being adorable in between the temper tantrums!

On to the books!

Last month I finished The Core audiobook and it was incredible and I’m still feeling a bit lost without it to be honest.

I also read The Exact Opposite Of Okay and that was brilliant too!

And I read most of Illuminae but haven’t quite managed to finish it yet – it is really exciting and I love the unusual format it is written in. I’m looking forward to reviewing it when I’m done.

I also really, really should have read Fragile Things because it was our book club book and, well, I picked it but… I only read a couple of stories. I just sort of lost steam towards the end of the month and had a bit of a book hangover from The Core and didn’t want to read anything.

I am also still trundling through the Bible and I’m not going to lie, it’s hard going. The Old Testament is either lists of names, animal sacrifice How-To guides or just endless mass-murder, ransacking of cities, murder and rape. It’s not very fun. It’s also quite demoralising – it’s hard to find the loving, benevolent, slow-to-anger God that is so often spoken about amongst all the blood and destruction. I’m up to 2 Chronicles now and almost a third of the way through my 90 day challenge – I’m determined to finish!

For my March TBR, I have decided I’m going to try and finish all the half-read books I have dotted around, both physical and digital, so I can stop feeling guilty about them. Or I’ll go back, give them a go and commit to putting them on the DNF pile, either way is good with me.

On the list is:

100 Things You Will Never Find by Daniel Smith – A non-fiction book filled with fascinating things that are missing (or possibly never existed). I was really enjoying this, and then Christmas happened and it got put away and I sort of forgot about it.

Artifacts and Other Stories by Rebecca Burns – I really enjoyed Rebecca’s last short story collection and I am really enjoying this one too, but I sold my Kindle last month and I keep forgetting to open the app on my phone!

Illuminae: The Illuminae Files #1 by Amie Kaufmann and Jay Kristoff – Romping through this one, won’t take me long to finish it off now.

I’m Not Sure About God: Jesus Is A Different Matter by William ArmitageAnother one that got lost over Christmas but I am actually excited to pick this up again in parallel with my Bible reading efforts.

Fragile Things by Neil Gaiman – I am enjoying these, I just seem to be very slow at reading them.

The Understudy by David Nicholls – I started this on my Kindle too. Then sold my Kindle because I hated using it… BUT my friend James had a copy so I borrowed it so I can finally finish it! (He also sent me home with a stack of other books because he has zero sympathy for the size of my TBR.)

Smut Club Book – To be announced when book club has happened!!

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