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An Interview With…

…My Mum!


You spend a lot of time with family and friends but it’s always interesting to find out more about them… and to ask them slightly odd questions and see what answers they come up with!

I’ve decided springing random interviews on family and friends will be a fun thing for CFHW because they are the people I choose to fill my life with and who help make me who I am. I talk about me all the time on here and now I think it’s time I shared the love!

First up to answer a load of random questions is my Mum:

If you were a crayon, what colour would you be?

I would be a blue crayon because I could be used for so many things – from ice-blue snow-capped mountains to warm blue tropical seas; clear blue skies on a frosty morning to blazing blue skies on a hot summer’s day to dark almost violet blue as a storm threatens; a sparkling lake/river/stream; feathers of a Blue tit or a Kingfisher; the scales of an exotic fish; the delicate wings of a butterfly or moth; the translucent blue of a Damsel Fly or even the nose of a Me To You Tatty Ted!

If you could do any course at University just for fun, what would you study?



Think I meant Palaeontology – study of fossils – rather than Archaeology. I’ve always got a buzz from finding Ammonites & Belemnites on the beach or in the cliffs on the Yorkshire coast & would love to know more about our fossilised past.  Imagine finding one of these great dinosaur bones somewhere. I’d also like to find out how to recognize which stones to expertly bash with a hammer & have them split open to reveal exciting fossils inside. I’m pretty certain I could never get my tongue around most of the names though!

You are at a restaurant and can order anything you like – what would your three course meal be?

This would probably change daily, depending on my mood! I’ll stick with Prawn Cocktail as a starter as I always enjoy that, & probably some sort of Sweet/Sour chicken dish, though I would prefer a Thai variation as the flavours are so much more subtle. Pudding will always involve chocolate, the more the merrier! Sundaes are probably best as they are largely ice cream so can ‘slip down the sides’ when I’ve over indulged on the first two courses!

What was the last book you read? Was it any good?

Girl Detached by Manuela Salvi: nearly gave up on this after the first few pages but stuck at it & read in a day. It was one of those ‘I don’t want to read this because I know where it’s going & I don’t like it’ books, but I felt I had to get to the end.  It’s not a subject I’ve chosen to think about much, but reading this so soon after watching a similar story on Corrie I found it all too easy to visualize & see how easily vulnerable girls can get drawn in & then are too frightened to get out & tell someone about it. I thought the subject was handled well – a pity the book was banned in Italy but at least it is available here. Certainly not a book I would have picked up if you hadn’t told me to read it!

And finally, if you could host a dinner party and invite three guests (alive or dead), who would you choose?

Derek Jacobi, David Attenborough & Princess Anne.

I could sit & listen to the first 2 for hours as they both have voices that draw you in to the exclusion of everything else. I’d like to quiz Derek Jacobi on some of the roles he’s played, particularly in ‘I, Claudius’ & ‘Cadfael’ – though still not sure about ‘In the Night Garden’!

David Attenborough could talk about any of his projects – he always sounds so enthralled by what he is seeing. I’d love to see his face light up like a little boy’s when he sees something really exciting like the world’s biggest dinosaur skeleton. He’s always been a part of my life & it would be a huge honour to meet him.

Princess Anne has always been the slightly maligned one of the Queen’s children, not least because she has a mind of her own & doesn’t suffer fools gladly. She proved herself an excellent horsewoman by qualifying for the British Team & taking part in the Olympics in 1976. She has done a huge amount af work for many charities & still undertakes a large number of engagements. It would be fascinating to ask her about life as a Royal & to see where she thinks the Monarchy is going in the future.

Thank you!!

I guessed a couple of your answers before you gave them (I just knew you’d be a blue crayon!) and I quite fancy sitting in on your dinner party as David Attenborough is on my list too!

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