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What’s On The Menu? 26th February – 4th March

Well, last week I blew up the oven (and shorted the house and accidentally gave myself food poisoning) so this week I’m having to plan to allow for only having the small top oven to cook stuff in until the replacement part arrives. (On the plus side, Caius is away for a few nights for work so I would only be squeezing three portions into the tiny oven instead of four!)

It is also a birthday week so it’s all a bit chaotic – and also I feel like an easy week so lots of simple low-effort cooking ahead!

Monday Cheesy Pasta with broccoli and cauliflower

Tuesday – Chicken Dippers, mixed vegetables and mash

Wednesday – Pesto Pasta with green beans

Thursday – ARTHUR IS SEVEN!! Birthday Boy has requested Pizza and Chips!


Arthur is having his party after school today so we will be eating a Gruffalo themed party tea. I will blog more about that after I’ve done it and got some pictures!

SaturdayBirthday Treat

Continuing the birthday fun tonight – Arthur gets to choose on the day!

Sunday – Freezer Lucky Dip

Birthday chaos continues today as we celebrate ALL of the family birthdays happening in March (Arthur is the first of four!) in the afternoon so dinner will likely be freezer easy stuff or maybe even toast depending on how hungry we all are.

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