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What’s On The Menu? 5th – 11th March

Well I managed to fix the oven by replacing the element all by myself. The hardest bit was mountaineering through the garage to find a screwdriver if I’m honest though.

Everyone is home again this week and after a week of party food and snow-rations I think we all could do with some ‘proper food’ so I’ve picked meals that are easy to chuck in extra veggies to bulk them out and improve our vitamin content!

Monday Pasta and Veg

Using up the last of last week’s vegetables before they go off and I’m feeling too lazy to make a proper sauce!

Tuesday – Mushroom Carbonara with Tenderstem Broccoli

Easy and quick but tasty with smoked pancetta and mushrooms in the carbonara sauce. A nice warm dish that will distract us from the cold outside.

Wednesday – Salmon & Vegetable Frittata with Chips

This is a new slow cooker recipe that I’m going to try. It involves asparagus though so who knows if I will be able to persuade The Smalls to eat it. If not, they’ll be having toast instead!

Thursday – Chow Mein Fakeaway

My home made chow mein is one of my favourites and it’s even better now The Smalls will eat it. I’m planning on throwing in a load of veggies so it might end up a bit more stir-fry-ish but the sauce will be the same. (I’ve blogged the recipe before and you can find it here.)

Friday – Oven-Baked Risotto

It’s been a few weeks since I made this one – it’s nice and easy and you can just chuck whatever veggies you have kicking around in it so that’s good.

SaturdayPizza & Chips

Yeah okay, the proper food and vegetables thing fell down a bit here. But hey ho, it’s Saturday!

Sunday – Hello Toaster!

We will have had a big lunch today so dinner will probably only be cheese toasties or something similar to tide us over.

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