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What’s On The Menu? 12th – 18th March

That thing about upping our vegetable intake sort of worked aside for the fact that Arthur was ill for much of the week so didn’t really eat much of anything.

Him being at home half the week really threw me so I feel like I’ve had about four Saturdays in the last five days. It’s amazing how much I use the school run to keep track of time!

Ah well, new week, new menu! Here we go…

Monday Pasta & Bean Soup

This went down well when we had it a few weeks ago and it was nice and easy to make so I thought we’d do it again.

Tuesday – Chicken Dippers, Chips and Veg

I asked Tori what she fancied this week and this was her choice. It’s been ages since they had them, so I’ve restocked the freezer!

Wednesday – Hot dogs with sweetcorn and peas

Arthur requested sausages. We have chips planned for the day before so I thought I’d serve them with bread buns instead and make a hot dog meal out of them for a change.

Thursday – Macaroni & Haddock Cheese

That thing about not mixing fish with cheese? I ignore that thing. Often.

Smoked Haddock actually goes in macaroni cheese really well. So there.

Friday – Chicken Biryani With Naan Bread

Fingers crossed I will manage to make this not-too-hot for The Smalls!

SaturdayLemon, Cream Cheese & Smoked Salmon Linguine

Super quick and easy pasta dish that can be thrown together in the time it takes for the pasta to cook. My favourite kind of Saturday cooking!

Sunday – Chicken & Ham Pastry Puffs with chips and veg

Yeah, these were on offer in Tesco and I just faniced them. Easy cooking again!


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