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Top 5 Friday!

Sometimes I don’t want to watch TV, read a book, listen to the radio, or music, or even an Audiobook – these are the times I reach for Podcasts to keep me company through the day.

Some of the Podcasts I listen to are aimed at kids and I listen to them in the car with The Smalls and actually they are really interesting because they are based on questions kids ask and kids ask some really good questions!

Other Podcasts I enjoy are very much NOT aimed at kids and they are the ones that keep me company during the day when I’m pottering around the house.

This is actually a two-parter Top 5 Friday. This week is about the Kid-friendly Podcasts and next week will be for the grown up ones.

Right, here we go with my TOP 5 KID-FRIENDLY PODCASTS

5.  WOW In The World

An NPR production, WOW In The World is an American podcast that covers lots of different aspects of science in a fun and engaging way. The hosts Guy Raz and Mindy Thomas are funny and Tori and Arthur really love listening to them and are often in fits of giggles.

The presenters both have long journalistic backgrounds and all of the episodes feel well researched and although explained in child-friendly terminology everything is covered thoroughly and I learn just as much as The Smalls when we listen.

4. Short & Curly

Short & Curly is an Australian podcast that tackles ethics and morality questions that kids ask. From bullying at school through to whether or not humans should trust robots the S&C team cover all sorts of topics in an entertaining and fun way that encourages you to think about the topics and talk about them as a family.

We quite often pause this one to talk about what we think after they pose the question of the day and then start it again to listen to the discussion and answers.

It could be a very serious and boring, heavy podcast given the subject matter but it really isn’t, it is fast-paced and funny and always backed up with balanced arguments and research.

3.  Natural Histories by Radio 4

This isn’t technically a podcast for children but my two always find it fascinating and listen raptly as the creature of the episode is explored. The podcast usually involves the presenter going to meet the featured animal or at least visit its natural habitat, interviews with enthusiasts and experts and also references to the creature in literature, art and music.

It’s super interesting and great to encourage chat about wildlife and nature. One of our favourites was all about Octopuses.


2. Classics For Kids

Another NPR production, Classics For Kids is a short and sweet weekly Podcast about classical composers and their music. It is really interesting learning about the lives of composers you know, discovering composers you have never heard of and finding out a bit of history along the way.

The format means it never gets too heavy for little listeners and it is a good starting platform for talking about the way music develops and changes through the years.


1. But Why: A Podcast For Curious Kids


This is a VPR production that quite literally answers questions kids ask. They ask kids to send in their questions and choose a few each episode to answer and then go to town on their research.

It’s really interesting and you learn all sorts because kids really do ask the most random questions – from ‘why do our fingers go wrinkly in the bath?’ to ‘what is the biggest number?’ via ‘why do snowboards look like skateboards?’ and ‘why does every country have a flag?’

Another production that puts real effort into their research and presents the information in an interesting and entertaining way.


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