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Today’s official hashtag is #PenAndPencil so I thought I’d join in sharing a few of my favourites – after all, I need something to write in all those pretty notebooks from yesterday, don’t I?

Shall we start with my very favourite pens of all for every day use? That title goes, hands-down, to the Pilot Frixion pens.


Being able to erase mistakes without Tip-Ex or massive scribbles is brilliant for someone like me who writes too fast for their brain to keep up with the spelling. They do highlighters as well, which is ace when you are also someone who changes their mind a lot.

There’s a little video of me showing the how the Ball pens work on my Instagram feed (follow the link in the blog sidebar or search on Instagram for ‘caroleheidicfhw’) – they come in lots of different colours and are refillable too. I love them so much. They are comfy to use, write easily, erasable and have an awesome design so they look good too.

Then we have my fountain pen collection…


We have my stunning metallic pink Parker pen for when I need beautiful, neat handwriting in blue ink, my old-school style Berol Handwriting fountain pen for when I want to write in black ink (through this one is getting a bit scratchy now, I might need a new one soon) and then my trusty WHSmiths fountain pen which I have had since secondary school and is my ‘funky’ fountain pen that always has interestingly coloured ink in. Why yes, I do have a miniature suitcase full of coloured ink cartridges – and it makes me super happy, too.

But then I’m not always so serious with my scribblings – my other weakness is the multi-colour biros you can get. Some things have not changed from when I was about 7 years old, I’ll be honest.


My current collection includes the official Olympic mascot Pride the Lion pen from 2012, a Rainbow Dash My Little Pony one, a cool see-through one and the mini one has a different scent for each colour. I have been told that four might be excessive, but I heartily disagree because it’s not like any of them are the same…

Then there’s Sharpies. I have A LOT of Sharpies because they are useful. I use them to write names on things for the kids (permanent ink win), I use them to write on parcels and decorate envelopes and all sorts of other things. I love that they come in so many colours, from bold through to pastel via metallic shades, so there’s always a useful one handy. They aren’t cheap, but they are worth having around, that’s for sure.


When it comes to pencils, I have a rather excessive collection of colouring ones built up over the years.

I do have some favourites though for when I’m getting all serious over my colouring books.


My tin of Wilko Watercolour pencils is great for experimenting with – I love the different effects you can make with them and it reminds me of being a kid and being allowed to borrow my siblings’ ones on special occasions (under close supervision!)

My Raffiné Color pencils came in so many shades, they are great for areas where you want tones of similar colours like water, leaves (or feathers!) – I think I got them on Amazon after seeing some good reviews.

The chunky pencils at the back are Koh-I-Noor Magic pencils and all have mixed leads that create cool effects by themselves, but also came with a special white pencil that you can colour over the others with that blends and subtly changes them all to create even more effects. They were an impulse buy and regularly make me smile when I see them because they’re just such joyful objects.

Do you have any favourite pens or pencils? Share with me!

(One Moment A Day Diary & Mini Suitcase {originally full of novelty erasers} came from Wilko’s. Coloured ink cartridges were from Paperchase. Bunny notepad is from Sherbet Lane. Colouring book is the Harry Potter Magical Creatures book)

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