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What’s On The Menu? 7th – 13th May

Tori being away since last Wednesday and the Bank holiday combined has completely thrown me. My routine is broken and it has completely knocked me sideways – I’ve been stupidly anxious, not because I’ve been worried/missing Tori (she’s having a huge adventure and more than anything I’m a bit jealous), but because everything has been slightly off and out of synch. It’s sort of how I feel in school holidays only worse because it’s different.

AND it has been painfully hot which always makes me grumpy until I adjust to it (usually just in time for it to go away again!) so all in all, I am looking forward to next week for a bit of normality. (This week is wonky because it’s going to ‘start’ on a Tuesday and I’m out doing stuff three nights of it which is unusual, too.)

In an attempt to fight the anxiety and the feeling of being lost at sea, I have sat down and meal planned for this week.

Monday: Mini Pork Kebabs, Sausages, Parmentier Potatoes & Vegetables

Tuesday: Sausage Rolls, Chips & Spaghetti Shapes

Wednesday: Mango & Sweet Chilli Chicken, Cous Cous and Vegetables

Thursday: Slow Cooker Chicken Curry with Rice

Friday: Fish Finger Sandwiches, Salad & Crisps

Saturday: Pasta With Bacon & Cheese Sauce

Sunday: I’ll Make It Up When I Get There! (Probably leftovers)

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