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Top 5 Friday!

I’m off to see Nickelback on tour with a friend next week (yes, again. This will be third time, we like them, okay? It’s turned into a sort of tradition.) so it seemed like Top 5 Fiday this week should be related.

I realise that this will set me down in people’s opinions because you’re supposed to hate Nickelback but you know what, I care exactly zero. I love their music and they’re awesome live and no amount of people sneering at me/them is going to change it.

I play them loud and I play them proud.

Here come MY TOP 5 NICKELBACK TRACKS (as ever with these things, ask me again in a fortnight and I’ll probably pick different ones…)

5. Photograph


4. If Today Was Your Last Day


3. She Keeps Me Up


2. What Are You Waiting For?


1. Lullaby


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