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What’s On The Menu? 21st – 27th May

I am having a bit of a rough spot at the moment and having the meals for the week planned out in advance is helping massively. I am struggling with remembering things and keeping on top of the every day stuff never mind extra stuff that pops up as well.

So I’m relying on lists and and writing things down everywhere to try and make myself less scatty because I’m driving myself potty if nothing else.

On a more positive note – my homemade Sweet & Sour Pork was LUSH last week.


Who needs a takeaway when you can have a fakeaway?!

On to the menu for this week:

Monday: Feel-Good Chicken & Vegetable Slow-Cooker Soup with Bread Rolls – Hopefully it will be a nice warm day on Monday so a light dinner will be just right!

Tuesday: Quesadillas with Salad & Crisps – Something quick and easy is needed tonight between Arthur’s after-school Drama club, Tori’s dance class and Caius & I heading out for a D&D session. Mexican toasties? Perfecto!!

Wednesday: Cottage Pie & Vegetables – I haven’t used my individual pie dishes for ages and I saw a poster of a steaming cottage pie the other day and realised it is AAAAAGES since I ate it.

Thursday: Poached Fish with New Potatoes & Tenderstem Broccoli – I would be more specific about the fish but I can’t actually remember what fish it is we have in the freezer…

Friday: Pizza & Salad – Last day of term calls for Pizza to celebrate!

Saturday: Pasta with Bacon & Courgette – Keeping it simple for the weekend.

Sunday: Sausages, Chips & Mixed Vegetables – We haven’t had sausages for a while, and they always go down well.

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