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Top 5 Friday!

We all know I read a lot, but I saw a thing the other day that asked if you could only read and re-read one series of books for the rest of forever, which would you choose?

That got me thinking and, as ever, I really struggled to pick just one so I decided to try and make it into a Top 5 list instead. Naturally five isn’t enough either, but it’s better than just one!!

So this week I am choosing MY TOP 5 BOOK SERIES

5. The Demon Cycle by P. V. Brett
This is an epic fantasy quintet made up of The Warded Man, The Desert Spear, The Daylight War, The Skull Throne, and The Core along with several other novellas.
I did a review of the series back when I finished The Core if you want a bit more detail but it is an absorbing world that is very different to our own but, at the same time, is also very recognisable. The characters are all very human and although the cast is massive, it is also diverse and interesting which keeps you reading and left me a little bereft at the end. I miss them and want to know what they’re up to now, even if it’s all terribly boring!
4. The Chronicles Of Ancient Darkness by Michelle Paver
A children’s book series that I love as much as an adult as I did when I read them the first time round.
The Chronicles Of Ancient Darkness consists of six novels: Wolf Brother, Spirit Walker, Soul Eater, Outcast, Oath Breaker, and Ghost Hunter and they are all beautiful. Look at those covers – they’re all textured as well and feel lovely.
As the cave-painting style images on the covers imply, the series is set in the Stone Age in prehistoric Europe and follows Torak and his friends Renn and Wolf (who is an actual wolf, no guesses why my mum bought me the first book originally!) as they try to find and defeat a group of mages known as the Soul Eaters who have turned to evil and are trying to destroy all life in the forest.
Well-researched, fascinating and gripping, this series captured my imagination and holds a special place in my heart. Tori is almost old enough for me to pass them on to her and I’m quite excited about it already.
3. Discworld by Terry Pratchett
Oh Terry, we miss you.
I am working on completing my Discworld collection – I’m almost there, only about 8 to go – I have my mum and mum-in-law armed with lists of my missing titles for when they’re out and about in charity shops and everything.
Witty, gritty, hilarious, sobering, and inspiring – sometimes the hype is bigger than the product but in this case, the hype will never live up to the reality. You notice something new each time you read the books and reading them again as an adult I get different (and more) things out of them as I did when I read them as a teen.
Why do you go away? So that you can come back. So that you can see the place you came from with new eyes and extra colors. And the people there see you differently, too. Coming back to where you started is not the same as never leaving.
A Hat Full Of Sky
2. The Daughter Of Smoke And Bone Trilogy by Laini Taylor
Another series with beautiful covers, this is actually the one I settled on for that original question because I just love it so much. It’s quite different to other fantasy series, has a female lead who is awesome and a cast of characters that have stayed with me ever since I read the first book. Chimera and Angels – Gods and Monsters. Magic.
To quote Laini Taylor herself: ‘It’s about a blue-haired art student raised by monsters, a broken angel, and a war that has raged for 1000 years in another world.
1. The Hollows by Kim Harrison
13 novels, 2 graphic novels and several novellas strong, this is possibly my favourite series of all time. With a lead character who is deeply flawed but still awesome, secondary characters who are brilliant and a world that is a believably twisted version of our own, The Hollows introduced me to the world of urban fantasy and I have never looked back.
And yes, after all this time, I’m still in love with Jenks as I declared on here back in 2011. (Jenks is a pixie but he is still my biggest ever fictional heart-throb.)
What, no Harry Potter? I hear you cry. Well, no, actually. HP is a massive part of my life still and I did adore it, but I didn’t even think about it until after I’d come up with this list. I don’t know. Add it as a secret number 6.

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