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What’s On The Menu? 18th – 24th June

Hello! Right, yes, back to routine of some sort. We should do that!

We accidentally half-defrosted part of our freezer so this week has lots of things to use up that food!

Monday: Freezer Soup! – Slow cooker is out, half-defrosted odds and sods are ready to be chucked in it to make ‘soup’.

Tuesday: Lasagne with Vegetables & Herby Potatoes – Easy and goes down well with everyone. Winner.

Wednesday: Leek & Bacon Chicken with Rice & Vegetables – Will the kids hate the sauce? Probably. Am I going to make it anyway? Yes.

Thursday: Freezer Lucky Dip – There’s loads of tubs of pre-made meals in the freezer – today I will just grab a selection and make dinner up!

Friday: Sticky Baked Salmon with Sesame Noodles – One of my favourite recipes. The kids tolerate the salmon for the noodles!!

Saturday: BBQ with friends!

Sunday: I will make it up when we get there – I suck at planning Sundays.

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