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Top 5 Friday!

Welcome to week three of my 30 Days Wild T5F series!

We are half way through our 30 days now, it’s day 15, so this week we have my TOP 5 30 DAYS WILD MOMENTS SO FAR!  We have done something every single day so far – many things not even vaguely on the original list I came up with because we are going with the flow and working with what life is throwing at us.

5. Hatching A Moth Chrysalis


My Mum found a moth chrysalis in her garden and gave it to us to try and hatch out so we dutifully made it a little jar habitat and were rewarded a couple of days ago with a newly hatched moth!

Watching the moth slowly pump life into its wings and body was amazing – it more than doubled in size. We have failed at identifying it so far though, so if anyone has any ideas that would be great!


4. Making Rainbows!


This activity ended up being far more successful than I expected. I wasn’t sure The Smalls would be that bothered by the idea but as soon as I gave them both a (badly) pencil drawn rainbow each, they got excited before I’d even explained what we were doing!

The coloured their rainbows in and then we hit the back garden to try and find things for each rainbow colour. With a bit of hunting we managed to find something for every shade – fresh leaves for green, dry leaves for orange and flowers for red, yellow, blue, indigo, violet and white (for the clouds!)

Then back inside we went to add the colours we found to the rainbows and finish the pictures.

The pictures were drawn straight on to some cardboard frames that we had been given ages ago to craft with and they looked really good when finished!

3. Studying A Snail!


After our May Smut Club book The Sound Of A Wild Snail Eating, I was desperate to find a snail and get a closer look at it, having learned so many fascinating things about them. I spent several hours enjoying this little one’s adventures in the mini habitat I made for it. Snails are amazing. Did you know they have over 2,000 teeth on their ‘tongue’ that work like a rasp – I could actually hear it eating if I listened really closely!!


2. Local Litter Pick


I did not love or enjoy the volume of rubbish we collected (and we were really not fans of the beer bottle full of wee – seriously, why?!) but I did love the camaraderie of it. We enlisted our friend Emily (from Landlocked Mermaid – check out her blog for more about saving the planet and awesome facts about sea creatures) and it was lovely exploring some of the wilder parts of town, sharing what we knew about plants and bugs and doing something positive at the same time. We explained to The Smalls about how different things we picked up would and wouldn’t break down, the effects of plastic on the environment, how it can be dangerous to wildlife and also covered the topic of smoking due to the sheer volume of smoking-related rubbish we found.

We got a few nice comments from passers by, and at the end of it, it felt like we’d made a tiny bit of a difference.

Ever since, Tori has carried a carrier bag in her school bag and collected any rubbish she’s found on the way home from school then sorts it into our recycling bins when she gets back.

1. Sharing Seedballs With Our Street

The very first thing that we did, on the 1st June, was to make cards for every house on our street, each containing a native wildflower seedball, and hand them out.

It was good fun making the cards, and we had some lovely responses from our neighbours.

We had a couple of thank you cards, we got invited round to help pick where to plant the seeds and have regular updates on FB of how some are growing! The Smalls said it was exciting doing something for everybody and they really loved getting feedback. It was a fabulous way to start the project and a great confidence boost for The Smalls.



Check out my Instagram for all the other wild things we have done so far in June – 15 days down, 15 to go!

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